Iron San Marino Window Box Cages

Iron window boxes can look so similar that it's hard to get a sense of your personality from them. Not so with the Iron San Marino Window Box Cages. Unlike every other metal flower box in the neighborhood, the iron San Marino models offer a look that mimics European style balconies, giving your home some old world charm and making sure your garden boxes are the talk of the town. Available in eight standard sizes with custom sizes available upon request, these iron window boxes will have your flowers, herbs and plants as the talk of the town for years to come.

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Looking for a metal flower box to stand the test of time? The San Marino Garden Boxes have it covered! With an ageless European-inspired design and ultimate durability, this window box cage provides a winning curb appeal combination for years to come.

A luxury look at your leisure.

Iron window boxes have high-end appeal: It's a fact. However, the San Marino manages to look expensive without actually being really pricey. Plus, metal flower boxes are essentially maintenance-free. The silky black finish pictured is a fade and rust resistant powder coat. It holds strong through every type of weather element, from relentless moisture to baking sun - leaving the gardener more time to think about the green stuff.

Choose your own installation.

Hanging a garden box is not limited to the traditional window application with the San Marino. Iron cages can also be attached to railings with the right hardware. Front porches, decks and patios can benefit from extra growing space in place of blank rails or outdoor walls. Iron window boxes feature two-way integrated mounting bars that support most any installation. Just add the right hardware for your mount and surface, be it wooden railings, stucco or vinyl siding.

Line iron window boxes, or don't. It's all good.

There's nothing prettier than the warmness of terra cotta peeking out from dark wrought iron bars. If you love this classic look, just add 8" flower pots to your metal window box cage. We highly recommend this approach for herb gardeners and those looking to combine plants with varying care requirements.

Want to keep everything in one container garden arranging space? Add a convenient PVC liner to your garden box purchase. This material is virtually indestructible without the threat of rot, rust or mildew. And lining your metal flower boxes with PVC containers enables easy transitions from season to season, especially in climates where off-season storage is ideal. Inserts are lightweight, easy to clean and pop in and out of the cage as needed.