Metal Railing Shelf Bracket

If you're interested in hanging window boxes on railings pick up a pair of the Railing Shelf Brackets. Available in three shelf sizes to accommodate 8 1/2-11 1/4" wide window boxes, each individual bracket features stabilizer tabs to level out window boxes after you add them to your rails.

Fits: 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" Railings

  • Window Boxes up to 49"L require 1 pair of brackets.
  • Window Boxes 50-72" require 2 pairs of brackets
  • Use 1 pair of brackets every 24" for custom and larger boxes

Manufactured from enduring wrought iron, railing brackets are handcrafted and then powder coated matte black to be weather resistant. If you need help or would like to request a quote for custom window box brackets call us toll-free Monday-Friday.

Code: STI-414RB
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