72in. Tapered PVC Planter Liner

Our line of Tapered PVC Planter Liners are great substitutions for wooden liners. While wooden liners need to be replaced every few seasons due to rot or mildew, this is not an issue with PVC. These liners will last for years to come without ever needing to be painted or replaced due to deterioration from garden insects or weather damage. While they were designed to be used in our Decora Tapered Window Box Cages, they can also be used as standalone window boxes. All of our PVC liners come with pre-drilled drainage holes and are handcrafted from 1/2in. thick material.

If you are interested in custom sizes or colors, please call our customer service department at 877-805-8965 to request a free estimate.

Code: STI-A2-K-72
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