48in. Tapered PVC Planter Liner

Our 48in. Tapered PVC Planter Liner is designed to fit perfectly inside of any of our 48in. Decora Tapered Window Box Cages. This liner is mold-proof, rot-proof, and insect-proof. It will never fade during hot summers or crack during freezing winters. The 1/2in. thick material is inherently white, so there is no chance of paint chipping and revealing a different color beneath the surface. Our PVC products are commonly confused as being wooden products that have been painted white, as they do not give off a glossy, plastic appearance. Our liners come pre-drilled with drainage holes to help prevent your plants from sitting in stale water. Another great feature to this product is that it is finished on all four sides and can be used as a standalone window box planter instead of a liner, if you so desire.

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Code: STI-A2-K-48
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