36in. Tapered PVC Planter Liner

Our 36in. Tapered PVC Planter Liner makes the ideal insert for any of our 36in. Decora Tapered Window Boxes and also makes a great standalone window box. The product is constructed with 1/2in. thick material, allowing it to be sturdy, but also giving you plenty of planting space. PVC is virtually maintenance-free, as it will never rot or warp. It is weatherproof, so you do not have to worry about it fading due to intense UV rays or cracking during frigid winters. The material is naturally white, so paint will never chip and expose a different color beneath the surface. If your box gets some surface dirt on it, simply wipe it off or spray it with a hose and the box will look good as new.

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Code: STI-A2-K-36
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