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Metal Window Boxes, Wrought Iron Flower Boxes and Wrought Iron Window Planters bring charm, neighbors compliments and distinctive curb appeal. The Window Box Store has a wide variety of wrought iron window planters that can be custom made to any length. We sell wrought iron window boxes that look great with your favorite pots or with our cellular PVC liners. What makes our iron window boxes so popular are they breadth of designs we offer. Whether it’s a tapered look or a square design you desire, we have 14+ designs to suit your taste. When combined with either a cellular pvc liner, a galvanized and powder coated liner or a liner made from 100% real copper – these metal window boxes offer plenty of look, color and style options.

All of our iron flower boxes are powder coated with a black matte finish (powder coating offers a more uniform coat of paint and therefore protection vs. spray paint) but you can feel free to re-paint these boxes any color to suit your home or patio's color scheme.

Wrought iron window box planters offer old world charm at affordable prices. Nearly all of our designs come in six stocked lengths and are easily mounted directly to your home. We have a wide variety of deck rail brackets to choose from as well should you choose to line your back patio deck with colorful flowers during spring. Please call us for more information 877-805-8965.

Ever felt the need to give a classic and old school touch to your home? Like Victorian designs? Wrought Iron window boxes are a great answer to your demands. They not only add a bit of class to your home décor but also are a source of compliments from neighbors and peers. Iron window boxes bring a touch of old school charm to an otherwise simple decorative item. Combined with the bright color of flowers, Wrought Iron flower boxes add a distinctive style to your décor. Wrought iron also provides a strong protection for your window boxes. Now no more cracking or sagging of your decorative window boxes with the wrought iron protection. These metal window boxes come with a powder coated finish to facilitate a long life and a more uniform color as opposed to spray painting. You can choose to repaint the Wrought Iron Flower boxes to suit the décor and color scheme of your home. These iron window planters also make a great classy gift for your loved ones. These wrought iron flower boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any decoration needs. Now you can add class and color to your home by choosing these iron window planters.

Durability, long-life and good designs are some of the things buyers look for while purchasing a window box. Wrought Iron flower boxes from Window Box Store provide all these features rolled into one. These Iron Window Planters can be custom made to suit the shape and size of your window or patio. Wrought Iron Window boxes are a gorgeous addition to any home and help enhance the home interior or exterior.