Latham Fiberglass Window Boxes - Distressed Pewter

It's easy to display your favorite blooms with the Latham self-watering window box planter. This stylish planter offers the beauty of a decorative design combined with the durability of a fiberglass construction that won't rot, warp, or fade, no matter what the weather conditions outside. You'll also enjoy its spacious interior, and the ease of which you can get started. Just add soil and plants directly to the planter, without the need for a separate liner or flower pots. Choose from a variety of brackets to easily hang from the wall, railing, or window. Drainage holes in the bottom prevent overwatering from heavy rain, while the optional self-watering system allows you to go days or even weeks between watering, making it perfect for those who are new to gardening, or for anyone who travels frequently. The distressed pewter finish adds a rustic appeal to the look, or choose from three additional colors and numerous sizes to customize the planter to your liking. Includes stainless steel brackets and integrated cleat-mounting system for easy installation on walls and fences.