Coconut Coir Lined Window Box & Coconut Coir Lined Flower Boxes

Coconut Coir Lined Window Boxes and Coconut Coir Lined Flower Boxes look great under a window or on any flat surface.  All of our coconut coir lined window boxes have thick molded coconut coir liners held together with ecological tree sap adhesive for stability that last longer and are sturdier than some products on the market.  Each coconut coir lined window box cage has a powder coated finish to help resist rusting.  Coconut coir lined window plant boxes and flower boxes are available in standard and XL sizes.  Our XL size window flower boxes provides more width and depth so more soil can be used.  This allows the gardener to add more foliage to our XL size coconut coir lined window plant boxes. 

Known by many names...Hayracks, Troughs, Window Baskets, Coconut Coir Baskets, Moss Baskets or Flower Troughs - these affordable iron flower window boxes are sure to delight. Choose among seven designs and sizes in lengths from 24" to 72" to find the look and combination that suits your home, wall or deck rails. All of our window baskets are pre-drilled to direct mount to your wall or add brackets to mount to rails (sold separately). Real Coco Coir liners are included in price (Coconut Husks).