Latham Fiberglass Window Boxes - Black

The deep black shade of this Latham planter box provides a stark contrast to whatever beautiful blossoms you choose to display, making for a stunning appearance that is sure to enhance your home décor, whether it be modern or more traditional. Even better, it won't lose its appeal over time thanks to its durable fiberglass construction. No rotting, warping, or fading to be found here! The spacious interior provides plenty of room for plant life to thrive. Plant greenery or flowers directly into the box, without the need for an additional liner or flower pots. Drainage holes have already been added, and if you need a little extra help in allowing your plants to reach their full potential, a self-watering system is also available to supply the roots with a constant supply of water and nourishment. This not only makes things more convenient for those who travel or work long hours, but it also helps ensure success for new gardeners. Choose from various other colors and sizes to fully customize the look of your planter, and pick your mounting brackets depending on whether you want to place it on the railing, wall, or windows. Includes stainless steel brackets and integrated cleat-mounting system for easy installation on walls and fences.