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Aluminum Window Boxes offer unique benefits over our iron window box planters primarily due to the rust-proof nature of aluminum. Aluminum planter boxes are also lighter in weight than iron and each box is made from pre-cast pieces offering ornate detail and design. Old world style is brought to life through a cast aluminum garden planter and our black powder coated finish helps provide additional protection to each planter box.

The low maintenance and durability of aluminum window boxes make them one of the best window box choices in the market today. Buy them as the cage alone (to display your flower pots) or include our composite PVC liners to plant directly in the box/liner. The com offers four different and distinct designs all in six lengths that are in stock and ready to ship!

Gardening is one of the most famous and common hobbies all over the world. However very few people are lucky enough to have their own backyard with a garden at their disposal to indulge this hobby. Window Boxes are a great solution for those who do not have a garden yet want to indulge their gardening interest. Window Boxes come in a variety of materials and sizes and can suit users with all kinds of homes as well as local climates. Aluminum window boxes are one of the most preferred materials for window boxes due to their rust free nature. If you are a fan of striking ornate designs, Aluminum planters are a good choice for you as they come in a variety of ornately crafted styles. Aluminum window Boxes bring a touch of old school and Victorian style to what is an otherwise simple decorative item. That makes it one of the most coveted materials for window boxes. Aluminum planters are also a wonderful gift item due to their classy design which can bring a smile to any face. One of the best features of the aluminum window boxes is also their light weight nature. These window boxes are of a lighter weight than their iron counterparts and are a convenient window box option.

Aluminum planters by Window Box store come in a variety of pre cast pieces and provide you with a wide range to choose from. Durability and rust free nature are one of the key reasons for the popularity of Aluminum window boxes. At Window Box store we make sure your window boxes are durable and last for a long time. The Aluminum window box, by Window Box store has a coating of black powder which gives it a uniform black color and protects it from rust and corrosion. These window boxes have a very low need for maintenance which makes them a popular choice amongst buyers. Aluminum planters from Window Box store are much lighter than ones made from other materials which make them quite popular. These window boxes are available in 4 distinct designs in all sizes which make it a great purchase for anyone. These boxes come with an additional powder coating that give protection to your aluminum planters and give a long life. At Window Box Store we ensure that everyone can enjoy their bit of nature which is why we ship directly to your home without the hassle of a pickup. Enjoy gardening in an affordable and convenient way with the help of Window Box Store.