60in. Del Sol Fiberglass Window Box

"Del Sol" Style Hand Crafted Fiberglass Window Box

A strikingly beautiful window box when mounted and planted, the “Del Sol” fiberglass window boxes are hand-formed and hand-finish in an eight-step process.  Due to the fact that the molds used in manufacturing were hand carved out of wood, these window boxes show slight variation throughout the length fiberglass giving them an added charm that many gardeners love. The natural beauty of this product is enhanced by irregularities introduced through the hand crafted manufacturing process.

If you’d prefer a perfectly formed and finished  fiberglass window box without slight imperfections we recommend the Supreme Fiberglass Window Box that is manufactured from an extruded piece of fiberglass.

Hidden Stainless Steel mounting brackets that are not seen from the front are included with "Del Sol" Window Box.  Scroll brackets shown on right side of page are sold separately.  Size: 60"L 8 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H
Code: STI-MA-CM-DS60
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