Window Boxes from "The Window Box Store" add charm, curb appeal and a touch of the home owner's personality to the front of any home. Known by many names flower boxes, window flower boxes or even flower window boxes; these timeless and simple window planters add beauty and a functional gardening space. Beyond the flower boxes themselves, we offer the mounting bolts, optional decorative brackets, self watering reservoirs to complete your design and gardening experience. Each of the window flower boxes are hand packed for shipping with care to ensure it arrives safe and secure.

At the, our variety of offerings include Rot-Proof Cellular PVC Window Boxes , Fiberglass Window Boxes , Iron Window Box Cages , Copper and Bronze Window Boxes , Hayrack or Coir Lined Window Boxes and a variety of flower boxes and window planters to meet any container gardening need. Whether you choose our 'just like wood' cellular PVC window boxes hand made by our dedicated craftsmen or a fiberglass flower box made from a mold you can be confident that you're getting the best quality and value that you can find.